The strategy to facilitate new forms of cooperation that are needed to make BoTu resilient.

The persistence of the challenges in BoTu requires an approach that is based on well-organised cooperation between residents, the Municipality, the housing corporation and private parties from the outset.

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Call aimed at businesses, citizens and other partners that would like to invest in innovative solutions that make Bospolder and Tussendijken (BoTu) the first resilient district in Rotterdam.

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What do we offer?

In Social Impact by Design we assist parties with creative and innovative ideas to implement them in BoTu through:
Provide guidance to teams to actually get ideas of paper and realized in BoTu
Offer flexibility in handling existing frameworks and agreements. This provides opportunities to start experiments and tackle side issues and conditions in a fast and easy manner
Provide contacts with funds, subsidy providers, etc. to arrange funding for the implementation of ideas
Strengthen individual ideas by combining multiple ideas into an integral investment package
Provide advice of an independent Advisory Board to bring ideas to the next level
Create exposure for innovative ideas and teams. This offers opportunities to broaden the scope and scale of projects

Resilient BoTu 2028

BoTu is composed of the urban districts of Bospolder and Tussendijken in Rotterdam. They are two of Rotterdam’s relatively unknown gems. Almost 7,000 households are home to over 14,000 residents. Both districts are charac- terised by high population density and its residents are incredibly diverse. Circa 80% of the population consists of ‘new’ Dutch nationals and almost 70% have a non-Western background.

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Social Impact by Design is characterised by 4 phases

Social Impact by Design is a phased process whose objective is to devise and implement innovative and intregral solutions. The main elements of this approach are outlined below. We ask all applicants to be flexible. The design approach means that specific interpretation and execution can only be clarified in close consultation with the participating parties.

More detailed information about the process is available in the Call for Action (click to download)
Phase 1Registration and team formation
Duration: May – September 2019

Team allowance: none

End result: Identification of opportunities in broad terms of how resilience in BoTu will be improved


  • Information meeting
  • Registration Social Impact by Design and team formation
  • Teams work on draft proposal in which opportunities for BoTu are identified
  • Selection of proposals by board Go BoTu
Phase 2Research and community engagement
Duration: 3 – 4 months

Team allowance: € 12,500 per team, incl. VAT

End result: Design in which the outline of the integral proposal is elaborated


  • Kick-off meeting phase 2
  • Elaboration of ideas in close consultation with local residents
  • Guidance from one or more representatives of the partners of Go BoTu
  • Development of an integral proposal
  • Presentation of integral proposals to the teams, Advisory Board and residents of BoTu
  • Assessment of proposals by board Go BoTu and suggestions for elaboration in phase 3
Phase 3Elaboration of proposal and arrangement of funding
Duration: approx. 5 months

Team allowance: € 20,000 per team, incl. VAT

End result: Completely developed proposal ready for implementation, including a solid business case


  • Kick-off meeting phase 3
  • Detailed elaboration of proposal and arrangement of funding
  • Guidance from one or more representatives of the partners of Go BoTu and financial specialists
  • Presentation of fully developed proposal to the teams, Advisory Board and residents of BoTu
  • Advice of board Go BoTu about actual implementation of integral proposals
Phase 4Start implementation
Duration: approx. 3 – 6 months, depending on the required implementation time

Team allowance: none

End results: Proposal is implemented in BoTu and contributes to BoTu’s resilience


  • Actual implementation of proposal
  • Activities differ per team
  • Guidance from one or more representatives of the partners of Go BoTu during the implementation